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$:.unshift File.expand_path("../lib", __FILE__)
require "heroku/version" do |gem| = "heroku"
gem.version = Heroku::VERSION = "Heroku" = ""
gem.homepage = ""
gem.summary = "Client library and CLI to deploy apps on Heroku."
gem.description = "Client library and command-line tool to deploy and manage apps on Heroku."
gem.executables = "heroku"
gem.license = "MIT"
gem.files = %x{ git ls-files }.split("\n").select { |d| d =~ %r{^(License|README|bin/|data/|ext/|lib/|spec/|test/)} }
gem.add_dependency "netrc", "~> 0.7.1"
gem.add_dependency "rest-client", "~> 1.6.1"
gem.add_dependency "launchy", ">= 0.3.2"
gem.add_dependency "rubyzip"
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