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== Simplified Breadcrumbs
A nice way to add breadcrumbs to your application. Antonio Cangiano posted a
link in the Ruby on Rails weblog to a post which talked about adding breadcrumbs
to your Rails application. I've been doing this with helpers, but as the post
says this is "Easy and flexible". So I've created the plugin.
== Example
# app/controllers/application.rb
class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
add_breadcrumb 'Home', '/'
# app/controllers/things_controller.rb
class ThingsController < ApplicationController
add_breadcrumb 'Things', :things_path
add_breadcrumb 'Create a new thing', '', :only => [:new, :create]
add_breadcrumb 'Edit a thing', '', :only => [:edit, :update]
def show
@thing = Thing.find(params[:id])
add_breadcrumb, ''
# app/views/layouts/application.html.erb
<%= breadcrumb %>
<%= breadcrumb("=>") %> <!-- You can define the separator you want -->
== Acknowledgments
- Przemyslaw Kowalczyk for his post
- Original code by: Francesc Esplugas Marti
- Updated Syntax by Greg Bell:
Copyright (c) 2008 Francesc Esplugas Marti, released under the MIT license
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