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@Brett208 Brett208 released this May 6, 2019

Version 4.0.0

This release is a rollup of minor changes to the 3 subprojects. Contains breaking changes by removing deprecated functionality. If deprecated features are not in use, should be a drop-in upgrade. The macro ExportLevelDetailsEx in Outpost2DLL is now considered deprecated and should be replaced in new projects.

  • Add comments to TethysGame::AddMessage explaining location agnostic messages work
    • Recommend using OP2Helper AddGameMessage family instead of TethysGame::AddMessage
  • Improve comments and argument names when using function SetEMPMissile
  • Add AiModDescEx struct
    • Required when using an AI controlled player in multiplayer scenarios
  • Replace macro ExportLevelDetailsEx with ExportLevelDetailsFull
    • Deprecate macro ExportLevelDetailsEx
    • ExportLevelDetailsFull is a more appropriate name for macro based on what it exports.
  • Add ExportLevelDetailsFullEx macro
    • Incorporates new AiModDescEx struct and can be used to add AI players in multiplayer scenarios without manually exporting the AiModDescEx struct.
  • Remove previously deprecated portions of RequiredExports.h
    • If previously using the macro SCRIPT_API, the macro Export is a drop-in replacement
  • Mark exported data in RequiredExports.h as const
  • Add dummy file Outpost2DLL.cpp to allow compiling Outpost2DLL standalone (running compiler checks)
  • Ease recording tube and wall lines to building groups
  • Deprecate CreateTubeOrWallLine function
    • Replace with instance functions CreateTubeLine, CreateWallLine, CreateLavaWallLine, and CreateMicrobeWallLine
  • New AddGameMessage function family
    • Simplifies calls to add messages compared to TethysGame::AddMessage
    • Hides const conversion warnings created by TethysGame::AddMessage when using stricter compiler settings
  • Add global operator overloads for LOCATION==, LOCATION!=, LOCATION+=, and LOCATION-=
  • Simplify Visual Studio project settings
  • Remove BaseBuilderV2
  • Fix incorrectly formatted include guard in TriggerEx.h
  • Simplify Visual Studio project configuration settings
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