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#pragma once
#include "Tile.h"
#include "TilesetSource.h"
#include "TileMapping.h"
#include "TerrainType.h"
#include "../Rect.h"
#include "TileGroup.h"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <cstddef>
#include <cstdint>
enum class CellType;
struct MapHeader;
namespace Stream {
class Writer;
class Reader;
class BidirectionalReader;
// Outpost2SVN\OllyDbg\InternalData\FileFormat SavedGame and Map.txt.
// ALT IMPLEMENTATION (with COM support)
// Outpost2SVN\MapEditor\OP2Editor.
//An Outpost 2 map file.
class Map
static Map ReadMap(std::string filename);
static Map ReadMap(Stream::Reader& mapStream);
static Map ReadMap(Stream::Reader&& mapStream);
static Map ReadSavedGame(std::string filename);
static Map ReadSavedGame(Stream::BidirectionalReader& savedGameStream);
static Map ReadSavedGame(Stream::BidirectionalReader&& savedGameStream);
void Write(const std::string& filename) const;
void Write(Stream::Writer& streamWriter) const;
inline void SetVersionTag(uint32_t versionTag) { this->versionTag = versionTag; };
inline uint32_t GetVersionTag() const { return versionTag; };
inline bool IsSavedGame() const { return isSavedGame; };
inline uint32_t WidthInTiles() const { return widthInTiles; };
inline uint32_t HeightInTiles() const { return heightInTiles; };
// Total number of tiles on map.
inline std::size_t TileCount() const
return tiles.size();
// 1D listing of all tiles on the associated map. See MapHeader data for height and width of map.
std::vector<Tile> tiles;
* \brief Represents the visible areas of the map.
* \note Maps designated 'around the world' allow for continuous
* scrolling on the X axis and so will populate X1 with -1
* and X2 with \c INT_MAX.
Rect clipRect;
// Listing of all tile set sources associated with the map.
std::vector<TilesetSource> tilesetSources;
// Metadata about each available tile from the tile set sources.
std::vector<TileMapping> tileMappings;
// Listing of properties grouped by terrain type. Properties apply to a given range of tiles.
std::vector<TerrainType> terrainTypes;
std::vector<TileGroup> tileGroups;
std::size_t GetTileMappingIndex(std::size_t x, std::size_t y) const;
CellType GetCellType(std::size_t x, std::size_t y) const;
bool GetLavaPossible(std::size_t x, std::size_t y) const;
std::size_t GetTilesetIndex(std::size_t x, std::size_t y) const;
std::size_t GetImageIndex(std::size_t x, std::size_t y) const;
static void CheckMinVersionTag(uint32_t versionTag);
void TrimTilesetSources();
int32_t versionTag;
bool isSavedGame;
uint32_t widthInTiles;
uint32_t heightInTiles;
std::size_t GetTileIndex(std::size_t x, std::size_t y) const;
// Write
MapHeader CreateHeader() const;
uint32_t GetWidthInTilesLog2(uint32_t widthInTiles) const;
static void WriteTilesetSources(Stream::Writer& stream, const std::vector<TilesetSource>& tilesetSources);
static void WriteTileGroups(Stream::Writer& stream, const std::vector<TileGroup>& tileGroups);
static void WriteContainerSize(Stream::Writer& stream, std::size_t size);
// Read
static Map ReadMapBeginning(Stream::Reader& stream);
static void SkipSaveGameHeader(Stream::BidirectionalReader& stream);
static void ReadTilesetSources(Stream::Reader& stream, Map& map, std::size_t tilesetCount);
static void ReadTilesetHeader(Stream::Reader& stream);
static void ReadVersionTag(Stream::Reader& stream, uint32_t lastVersionTag);
static void ReadSavedGameUnits(Stream::BidirectionalReader& stream);
static void ReadTileGroups(Stream::Reader& stream, Map& map);
static TileGroup ReadTileGroup(Stream::Reader& stream);
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