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@Brett208 Brett208 released this May 4, 2019 · 52 commits to master since this release

This is a beta release of version 2.2.0, provided to allow testing new external module detection functions before final release.


To use, add to the directory containing Outpost 2.exe. op2ext.dll is included standard with Outpost 2 releases. op2ext.pdb (MSVC debug file) is included below to assist in debugging.

Version 2.2.0-beta

  • Add functions allowing external modules to detect which ini and console modules have been loaded. (See op2ext.h for new function declarations). May be called from external modules written in C or C++.
  • Make sure log file is created in the game directory when the working environment is not the game directory (in situations like attaching a debugger)
  • Provide details to user if a module DLL fails to load for any reason
  • Fix bug in GetGameDir_s that may throw an exception if a buffer length of 0 is passed in as an argument
  • Split project into a DLL and static sub-projects to facilitate unit tests
  • Add partial unit test coverage using gtest framework
  • Update post build event to use an environment variable to locate Outpost 2's directory for auto-injecting new builds of op2ext for testing
  • Allow selecting non-experimental filesystem include if C++17 available
  • Add limited mingw project support for Linux compilations
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