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PACKAGECONFIG_append = " templates seccomp"
SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN}-setup = "enable"
FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"
SRC_URI += " \
file://ovs-up \
file://ovs-down \
file://lxc-overlayscan \
file://lxc-overlayrestore \
file://overlayrestore \
file://overlaycreate \
# Fails to apply to v3.0.0 but possibly something we want to port at
# some point. Dropping for now to allow LXC to build.
# file://lxc-start-config-Add-lxc.uncontain-to-access-CAP_ADM.patch
# essential system controls the network, so lxc-net.service is redundant,
# remove the dependancy from lxc.service to reduce the boottime.
sed -i 's/lxc-net.service//g' ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system/lxc.service
sed -i 's/\(After=.*$\)/\1 openvswitch.service/' ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system/lxc.service
sed -i '1,/ExecStartPre/ {/ExecStartPre/ i\
ExecStartPre=sh -c "/etc/lxc/lxc-overlayscan"\nExecStartPre=sh -c "/etc/lxc/lxc-overlayrestore"
}' ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system/lxc.service
# disable the dmesg output on the console when booting the containers,
# and this will make the system's boot console clean and reduce the boottime.
if [ -w ${D}${libdir}/lxc/lxc/lxc-containers ]; then
sed -i '2a dmesg -D' ${D}${libdir}/lxc/lxc/lxc-containers
sed -i '2a dmesg -D' ${D}${libexecdir}/lxc/lxc-containers
# allow containers to connect to an OpenVSwitch bridge (br-int)
install -d ${D}/etc/lxc/
install -m 755 ${WORKDIR}/ovs-up ${D}/etc/lxc/ovs-up
install -m 755 ${WORKDIR}/ovs-down ${D}/etc/lxc/ovs-down
# add script to scan dir mount with overlay to delete duplicate file
install -m 755 ${WORKDIR}/lxc-overlayscan ${D}/etc/lxc/lxc-overlayscan
install -m 755 ${WORKDIR}/lxc-overlayrestore ${D}/etc/lxc/lxc-overlayrestore
install -m 755 ${WORKDIR}/overlayrestore ${D}/etc/lxc/overlayrestore
install -m 755 ${WORKDIR}/overlaycreate ${D}/etc/lxc/overlaycreate
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