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# Normally provided by busybox but we don't want that.
# We go with the RHEL/centos method and use links.
# The Debian/Ubuntu distros use stand alone scripts, but
# they may not be 100% portable to yocto.
do_install_append() {
ln ${D}${sbindir}/useradd ${D}${sbindir}/adduser
ln ${D}${sbindir}/userdel ${D}${sbindir}/deluser
ln ${D}${sbindir}/groupadd ${D}${sbindir}/addgroup
ln ${D}${sbindir}/groupdel ${D}${sbindir}/delgroup
cd ${D}${mandir}/man8 && ln -s useradd.8 adduser.8
cd ${D}${mandir}/man8 && ln -s userdel.8 deluser.8
cd ${D}${mandir}/man8 && ln -s groupadd.8 addgroup.8
cd ${D}${mandir}/man8 && ln -s groupdel.8 delgroup.8
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