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PACKAGES += "${PN}-cube-shared"
DESCRIPTION_${PN}-cube-shared = "Creates a link for /lib/firmware to \
/var/lib/cube/essential/lib/firmware. This is intended to be used in \
conjunction with dom0-ctl-core. This package is only effective if no \
other linux-firmware(-*) packages are installed."
ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN}-cube-shared = "1"
pkg_postinst_${PN}-cube-shared () {
# Be a nop if any other linux-firmware(-*) pkgs are found
if [ ! -e $D/lib/firmware ]; then
mkdir -p $D/var/lib/cube/essential/lib
ln -sfr $D/var/lib/cube/essential/lib/firmware $D/lib/firmware
ln -sfr /opt/container/dom0/rootfs/lib/firmware $D/var/lib/cube/essential/lib/firmware
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