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Overbryd's dotfiles

├── .gitattributes  # 
├── .gitconfig      # colorful git config, including aliases
├── .gitignore      # general gitignore
├── .inputrc        # great for navigating bash history
├── .profile        # simple bash setup
├── .slate          # configuration for Slate, a Mac OSX window manager
├── .tm_properties  # configuration for TextMate, a great Code editor
├── .vimrc          # a great .vimrc with comments
├──      # decrypt sensitive files and put them in place
├──     # a collection of interesting Mac OSX defaults
└──      # simple wrapper to encrypt sensitive files for storage

Maintain and setup OSX defaults

While working with your Mac you start customizing all the stuff. If you setup a new machine you can reproduce the setup using Any customization that you do via defaults should be appended to