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Xenon is a feature-packed graphical shell for the TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE calculators.


  • Running Assembly & Basic Programs.
  • Terminal and Graphical Interface.
  • Password Lock / Customizable Username.
  • Developer Options.
  • Deleting Programs and Creating New Programs.
  • Battery indicator and Clock.
  • Customizable colors / Backgrounds.
  • Auto Exit (based on inactivity).
  • Menu / Menu Pinning.
  • File System.
  • Folder System.
  • Graphical C Library (oxygen. h).
  • Notification System.
  • ...

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Keep up to date on the recent development by checking out the New Discord Server or on Cemetech Forums. You Can Also View The Trello Board For more information about the development.

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