Tutorial for the Vulkan graphics and compute API
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Vulkan tutorial

This repository hosts the contents of vulkan-tutorial.com. The website itself is based on daux.io, which supports GitHub flavored Markdown. A few changes were made to daux.io and its themes, which are included in daux.patch and are licensed as MIT. The patch is based on commit d45ccff.

Use issues and pull requests to provide feedback related to the website. If you have a problem with your code, then use the comments section in the related chapter to ask a question. Please provide your operating system, graphics card, driver version, source code, expected behaviour and actual behaviour.

Changing code across chapters

It is sometimes necessary to change code that is reused across many chapters, for example the VDeleter class or a function like createBuffer. If you make such a change, then you should update the code files using the following steps:

  • Update any chapters that reference the modified code.
  • Make a copy of the first file that uses it and modify the code there, e.g. base_code_fixed.cpp.
  • Create a patch using diff -Naur base_code.cpp base_code_fixed.cpp > patch.txt.
  • Apply the patch to the specified code file and all files in later chapters using the incremental_patch.sh script. Run it like this: ./incremental_patch.sh base_code.cpp patch.txt.
  • Clean up the base_code_fixed.cpp and patch.txt files.
  • Commit.


The contents of this repository are licensed as CC BY-SA 4.0, unless stated otherwise. By contributing to this repository, you agree to license your contributions to the public under that same license.

The code listings in the code directory are licensed as CC0 1.0 Universal. By contributing to that directory, you agree to license your contributions to the public under that same public domain-like license.