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Better document the eq_or_diff options.

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@@ -143,15 +143,27 @@ YMMV.
=head1 OPTIONS
-There is currently only one option: "context". This allows you to
-control the amount of context shown:
+The options to C<eq_or_diff> give some fine-grained control over the output.
+=over 4
+=item * C<context>
+This allows you to control the amount of context shown:
eq_or_diff $got, $expected, $name, { context => 50000 };
will show you lots and lots of context. Normally, eq_or_diff() uses
some heuristics to determine whether to show 3 lines of context (like
a normal unified diff) or 25 lines.
+=item * C<data_type>
+C<text> or C<data>. See C<eq_or_diff_text> and C<eq_or_diff_data> to
+understand this. You can usually ignore this.
For extremely long strings, a table diff can wrap on your screen and be hard

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