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Fix the release date on a whole bunch of releases

We should use the NextRelease dzil plugin
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1 parent 487b32c commit eaf20323804a7ed874a5155125a4bbcd7903e3cc @autarch autarch committed Jun 4, 2014
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@@ -4,50 +4,50 @@ Revision history for Perl distribution Test-Class-Moose
Test::Class::Moose have been made actual methods so that roles and
subclasses can affect them. (Dave Rolsky)
-0.54 2013-03-18
+0.54 2014-03-18
- Update the tutorial for typos and to documents Tests()
- Add the homepage.
-0.53 2013-03-15
+0.53 2014-03-15
- Loooong day. The ContributorsFromGit dist::zilla plugin did, indeed,
add all git contributors to the POD, but it deleted all of my other
POD. This might be my record for number of rereleases in a day.
-0.52 2013-03-15
+0.52 2014-03-15
- Note in the docs the Sub::Attribute change from version 0.51
- Oops. Remove all of the .bak files from the distro.
- List contributors automatically in docs
-0.51 2013-03-15
+0.51 2014-03-15
- Sub::Attribute is now required and not optional.
- Added a Makefile.PL to the dzil distro so people can more easily
-0.50 2013-03-14
+0.50 2014-03-14
- :Test and :Tests attributes have been added.
- TAP::Stream is now in its own distribution and thus removed from
this one.
- Test::Class::Moose::Role - croak() if preamble doesn't load
(Sebastian Willert)
-0.43 2013-01-29
+0.43 2014-01-29
- When running parallel tests, we now output a line of dots to the
screen to show that the test suite hasn't stalled. Further, the dots
are colored "green" and "red" (sorry color blind folk!) just like
Test::Harness, so you can see if tests have passed or failed.
-0.42 2013-01-15
+0.42 2014-01-15
- Remove experimental END block causing issues for some test suites.
- Merge Dave Rolsky's MetaJSON request (thanks, Dave!)
- Add better github meta info
- Document recommended test suite instantiation.
- Document what Test::Class::Moose::Role is for.
-0.41 2013-01-13
+0.41 2014-01-13
- Fix bug where "skip_all" tests would report as failing if
Sub::Attribute wasn't installed.
-0.40 2013-01-12
+0.40 2014-01-12
- Parallel tests now automatically ignore test methods tagged with
- Fix bug where sequential tests fail with parallel testing.

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