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Visualise your Prisma schema - Prismaliser

Prismaliser is a visualisation webapp for Prisma schemas. It allows you to visually explore your schema and the relations between your models, by showing links between the different types of relations in the schema (many-to-many, one-to-many, one-to-one), similar to an Entity-relationship model.

Prisma is a fully open-source Next.js application and is easily self-hostable if you wish to, but a hosted version is also available at if you just want to use it instead.


Prismaliser is a Next.js application, and as such it requires Node.js to be installed in order to run. Yarn is also recommended as it has a (subjectively) nicer CLI interface.

With Node installed, and the repository cloned, you can simply run the following commands to get it running:

yarn install  # or `npm install`
yarn build  # or `npm run build`
yarn start  # or `npm start`

The latter command can be run in anything like PM2, systemd or any other process daemon of your choice (I may include a Dockerfile if there's enough demand for it for some reason).

Or if you're looking to run it for development purposes, you can use the following commands instead:

yarn install  # or `npm install`
yarn dev  # or `npm run dev`


This is a list of what I've currently got planned for the future. I'm open to accepting PRs for any of these, but I'd prefer it if you could first open an issue regarding it so we can discuss it/make sure there's not multiple people working on the same thing.

I'm also open to PRs for other features not listed here, but also please open a corresponding issue to discuss it, just like above.

  • Multi-history support (user defined saves).
  • Sharing a schema with other users via a generated link (similar to TypeScript's playground).
  • Saving node positions across page resets.
  • Autocomplete for the editor (very big, Monaco is a bit fiddly at times, would probably need to do some looking at the VSCode plugin for Prisma to figure out some stuff).


Prismaliser is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.