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== 0. Introduction ==
Marketing text goes here. But, I don't feel like writing any yet.

== 1. Dependencies ==

* rTorrent >=0.7.5 with XMLRPC support
    * Tested with rTorrent and libtorrent from svn trunk r1015
    * You will need to use XMLRPC-C version 1.12.00.
    * For directions on compiling rTorrent with XMLRPC support, see:
* PHP >=5.0.0
    * If you have the PHP XMLRPC extension installed, you will need to disable
      it. The XMLRPC extension does not handle the (unofficial) 64-bit ints (i8)
      datatype that rTorrent uses and will cause the PEAR::XML_RPC2 library to
      fuck up.
* MySQL >=4.1 (a MySQL 5.x.x is fine too!)
    * (Optional) phpMyAdmin would be handy for administrating your RSS feeds.
      At this time, I haven't written screens for managing the RSS feeds or
* Apache
    * mod_rewrite must be enabled.

== 1.5 rTorrent Setup Notes ==
It is best to use Lighttpd to frontend the rTorrent domain socket. The link
above recommends this and explains how to set it up. I encountered a few issues:

    * Ubuntu's lighttpd package comes with the scgi module turned off. It had
      to be enabled by adding mod_scgi to server.modules in the lighttpd
      config file.

    * rTorrent may create the socket file with permissions that render it
      useless to Lighttpd. If you have problems with the RPC interface, check
      Lighttpd's logs and see if it is complaining about not being able to
      open the socket file.

      I was able to solve the problem by using the rtorrent.rc option 
      'scgi_local' and pointing it to a directory. Since rTorrent runs as my
      user, I chgrp'd the folder to www-data, changed my umask to 0002, and set
      the sticky bit on the folder.

== 2. Installing iTorrent ==
1. Put the files in a web-accessible folder.
   Note:  If you are installing from git, run the following commands in the
          install directory:  git submodule init && git submodule update
2. Chmod the template/cache and template/templates_c folders to be writable by
   the webserver.
3. Edit the includes/config.inc.php file. Follow the in-line documentation and
   everything will be OK.
4. Load the db/mysql_ddl.sql file into your database to create the table 
5. Load all of the db/data/*.sql files into your database. These files add the
   permissions and jump page entries. Without this data, iTorrent will not
6. Run the following SQL to remove the permission from your create user page:
    UPDATE jump_page SET access_level = 'public' WHERE page_slug = 'create-user'; 

7. Visit the <http://yourdomain.com/itorrent/create-user> page and create your
   iTorrent user. Then, run the following SQL to make yourself an administrator
   and restore the protection on the create user page:

    -- Take the user ID from this query: 
    SELECT user_id FROM user;

    -- And put it in where the 'X' is in this qury:
    INSERT INTO user_staff_group (user_id,staff_group_id) VALUES (X,1),(X,2),(X,3);

    -- You are now in the torrenter, torrent admin, and user admin groups!

    -- Restore the permission protection on create-users.
    UPDATE jump_page SET access_level = 'restricted' WHERE page_slug = 'create-user'; 

8. Log in to iTorrent and manage your torrents!

== 3. Using RSS feeds and hilights ==
Presently, there is no way to add RSS feeds and hilights for RSS items via the
web UI. This feature is Coming Soon(tm).

Add rows to the rss_feed table to add rss feeds:

    INSERT INTO rss_feed (feed_title,feed_url,default) VALUES ('TT - Animu','http://tokyotosho.com/rss.php?filter=1','Y');
    INSERT INTO rss_feed (feed_title,feed_url,default) VALUES ('TT - Raws','http://tokyotosho.com/rss.php?filter=7','N');

Make sure only one record has default = Y. The default RSS feed is the one that
gets shown when you hit 'RSS Feed'. You can view other feeds by selecting them
from the dropdown on that page.

Hilights are stored in the rss_hilight table. They are Perl-compatible regular 
expressions and are applied to all feeds. 

Example pregs

/clannad/i              matches anything with 'Clannad' in the title (case 
/Minami(\s|-|_)+Ke/i    matches anything with Minami-Ke, Minami Ke, or Minami_Ke
                        in the title (case insensitive).

To add a highlight:

    INSERT INTO rss_highlight (highlight_preg,highlight_type) VALUES ('/clannad/i','important');

The valid values for highlight_type are 'important' and 'minimize'. Minimized 
matches are shown in small gray text - ideal for a Naruto highlight. Important
highlights are large and green.

== 4. Credits ==
See the CREDITS file for a full list of contributors and special thanks.

iTorrent is a product provided by the Yasashii Syndicate. For more information
and details on our other products and services, please see