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browser userscript (extension) which Shows just fullsize Image with hotkeys & without pop-ups on many image-hosting sites
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This script opens fullsized image right after page load in many image hosting sites skipping all the annoying stuff like ads, link code etc and disabling any kind of pop-ups. (script for images opened directly in browser can be found here)

  • Hotkeys - very handy ones
  • fullsizing image to its original size when opened, nothing else than image
  • autofit to screen big images by default (larger than screen both vertically and horizontally)
  • address of page doesn't change so you still can copy\share it
  • image centering (like in firefox) - pretty usefull on wide monitors
  • configurable - choose background color and what images to fit to screen when opened, or run your js
  • fast - does its job before page loads its resources (or run JavaScripts in FireFox)
  • fail-safe - if it didn't find image to fullsize - it won't do anything to mess the page up and will try again in few sec.


  • WASD \ arrows \ num4862 - scroll image to right\left\top\bottom accordingly
  • Q \ num5 \ click on image - resize image from full-window-size to original and vica versa
  • ctrl+space and ctrl+shift+space - simular to scroll of spacebar but horizontally
  • P \ menu item in (tamper\grease)monkey icon - open configuration menu
  • R - reload page with script disabled (to see comments etc)

Supported browsers:

How to request a new imagehost support or fix for old one

Please, if you would like to request a new site or report a non-working one, please, remember to write at least ONE image URL where the script should work, then head right to Feedback section.

In the topic title, write "fix" if the site is already on the list or "add" if it is a new request, and the domain (eg: add

* But keep in mind that when requesting nameless non-popular image hosting google knows not much about you'd have to provide a reason for adding it - a website url which uses that hosting a lot for images
** Or if you are a developer yourself and would like to help add new hosts, you can submit code edits at GitHub page

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