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title: "Other: Diagrams and Flowcharts"
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# Diagrams and Flowcharts
Diagrams and flowcharts cover a wide range of so-called "technical drawings" and project management visualisations. These visualisations are often useful for explaining how a process works or to display the relationships between assets in a project. Interactivity may include the ability to select a specific path in the chart or to exclude a node. It's important to remember that designing useful diagrams/flowcharts is often a very time intensive process.
Required Data:
- Nodes of the diagram: Similarly to graph networks, diagrams consist of nodes that represent unique objects (or potentially outcomes) in the diagram
- Edges of the diagram: Similarly to graph networks, diagrams consist of edges that represent the connection (or flow) between nodes.
Here's an example flowchart that **Oxshef: dataviz** uses to advise which visualisation tool to choose:
```{r tool-selection-css, results="asis", echo=FALSE}
#mermaidChart0 {
min-height: 900px;
min-width: 800px;
```{r tool-selection-flowchart, echo = FALSE, fig.height=6}
oxshef_flowchart <- DiagrammeR("graph TB;
A{Is your data public?} -- yes -->doiQuestion;
A -- no -->B[<center><b>Oxshef: dataviz</b> exclusively supports researchers in <br> the visualisation and promotion of <br> public datasets.</center>];
doiQuestion{<center>Is your dataset published<br> to a DOI-issuing data repository?</center>};
doiNotIssued[<center>Please ensure to deposit your data<br> in a DOI-issuing repository</center>]
doiQuestion -- yes --> externalDataQuestion;
doiQuestion -- no --> doiNotIssued;
externalDataQuestion{<center>Does your visualisation tool <br> allow data to be pulled from <br> your data repository?</center>};
externalDataSupported[<center>Excellent!<br> Our resources are designed for you!</center>];
externalDataUnsupported[<center>We recommend <b>not</b> using these tools</center>];
externalDataUnknown[<center>Refer to our <br> page</center>];
externalDataQuestion -- yes -->externalDataSupported;
externalDataQuestion -- no -->externalDataUnsupported;
externalDataQuestion -- I don't know -->externalDataUnknown",
width = "100%",
height = "900px")
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