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OxShef: RMarkdown Template Site

This is a template repository for adding content to the OxShef collaboration between University of Oxford and University of Sheffield. Please use this template if your site matches these criteria:

  • The site will be written using RMarkdown files
  • The site will make use of R output

The OxShef collaboration covers many different technologies and it might not be appropriate to use RMarkdown in all cases, in which case please do consider adding a new template repository so others can create similar subsites in the future.

Current websites in OxShef that use this template include:

  • OxShef Charts: A guide to different visualisation options for visualising research data

At the last full-build of the template the following R packages were required to build this package:

list.files(pattern = "Rmd", recursive = TRUE) %>%
  map(., ~readLines(.x, warn = FALSE)) %>%
  paste(collapse = "") %>%
  str_extract_all("library\\([^()]+\\)") %>%
  str_extract_all("\\([^()]+\\)") %>%
  .[[1]] %>%
  gsub("[^[:alnum:].]", "", .) %>%
#> [1] "highcharter" "tidyverse"   "gapminder"

Features of the site

This template borrows heavily from the design of the website, in order to use it effectively you must be aware of the following:

  1. Use the _render-site.R script to safely generate the website by knitting together all .Rmd files in the root directory of the project
  2. Modify _site.yml to change the globaly used CSS and which elements from includes/ are automatically included in all pages
  3. includes/ contains re-usable website elements as follows:
    • includes/include_header.html defines the horizontal navigation displayed at the top of each page
    • includes/include_footer.html defines the footer displayed at the bottom of each page
  4. Add new pages by duplicating the example-page.Rmd file

About OxShef

OxShef is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and University of Sheffield.

Copyright and License

The contents of this website, text and code, are made available under both a CC-BY and BSD license.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Copyright 2017, University of Oxford and University of Sheffield