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The APIS is building a “Masternode Mediation Platform” to familiarize the term “masternode” to a larger range of people and to let them enjoy the advantages and benefits of a masternode. This script is intended to give an overview of our approach in attaining this goal from explaining the concept of a masternode to elucidating how we will make this unfamiliar concept known to wider variety of people. Introduction and Problem Statement : The APIS is a masternode mediation platform that enables all spectrum of users to have easy access to the two-tier incentivized network, also known as the “Masternode Network”. Masternodes refer to nodes in the cryptocurrency market that fulfill a specific function beyond simply relaying transactions(Its definition will be further developed in the paragraphs to follow). A masternode’s most distinctive feature is that any investor investing in a masternode can acquire stable and almost guaranteed profit just by locking up his/her money in the masternode for a fixed amount of time. However, despite its attractive characteristic, hosting a masternode is quite out of reach for most individual investor since most masternodes require substantial amount of capital and intricate software engineering to set one up. By aiding these normal individuals come together to form a whole masternode, we will be able to encourage more people to participate in masternode investments as well as to provide them with much safer way of investing money rather than investing in the exchange market without adequate knowledge


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Slack: channel: https://apisproject.slack.com/messages/C8Q67PC73/team/U8Q2XCJ72/ Support: oxchild_official@oxchild.com Developer mailing list: flo_lee@oxchild.com