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Working model of WarpINning ;-)

Every package in WarpIn Script (wis) have a numbered index. Idea of working model: Before compiling wpi archive, content of every package must be placed to numbered directory similar to package index in wis script. For example:

  • lSwitcher -- root directory of the project.
  • lSwithcer\1 -- Content of package 1 in wis script
  • lSwithcer\2 -- Content of package 2 in wis script
  • lSwithcer\3 -- Content of package 3 in wis script
  • ...
  • lSwithcer\n -- Content of package n in wis script
  • lSwitcher\lswitcher.wis -- wis script, of course! ;-)

For happy WarpINnning:

  • Add dir with WarpIN / wic.exe to PATH and LIBPATH (C:\ECS\Install\Warpin not in PATH / LIBPATH).
  • Place this scripts to warpin directory.
  • Reboot!
  • Happy WarpINnning! :-)

Scripts descriptions

  • wpimake.cmd -- Simple make system for building wpi archive via working model.
  • revisioner.cmd -- Change version in wis script, use template.
  • wicunpack.cmd -- Unpack WPI archive install script & packages to working model dirs.
  • inspackage -- Insert empty packkage directory and renumber all other dirs.
  • delpackage -- Delete package directory(and content!) and renumber all other dirs.