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#Oyake Simple Child Theme for Thesis Theme Framework on WordPress

A simple child theme for thesis, designed to change nicely with change in colors from Thesis Back-end (Dashboard) options. See it live at:


Also Uses Sass for effective and fast CSS. However, the css file is complied so .scss is just there for reference, learning and in case you know SASS - for quicker changes. Too make changes with Sass, just run

'''sass --watch custom.scss:custom.css'''


  1. Install Thesis theme for WordPress on your WordPress blog.
  2. Put the repo in /custom folder inside your theme folder. (This child theme was made for Thesis 1.8, so it'd be thesis_18/custom)
  3. Go to Thesis > Manage Options and use thesis-design-options-xxxxx.dat file to update Design Options.


  • You may use on your commercial or non-commercial website.
  • Do NOT remove the attribution in Footer.
  • You may make changes.
  • You may redistrubute chages under same licence.
  • You may not sell Oyake as it is or derivative work.

Note: Thesis and related stuff is copyright and trademark of DIY Themes and Chris Pearson.

Oyake means design or intent in Japanese.