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Tilde Enhanced

Based on Cade Scroggins's Tilde.



Added Features

Most of the features are carried over from the original source. Few of the added features are:

  • A launch category functionality, which launches every site in a category. Enter a category index number followed by !, i.e. 2! would launch everything under the second category.
  • A "Quick Launch" functionality, which launches every site with quickLaunch property set to true upon entering q!.
  • An invertible color theme. Either edit config or use invert! command.
  • Show image or SVG as bookmark icon
  • An option to show launch keys instead of icons. Either edit config or type keys!.


To use Tilde as your homepage, simply set your browser's home URL to Tilde's index file. To go to a site, enter the first letter of the site then hit enter. To view the available sites, press ? or click on the clock. If your input doesn't match any of the commands, a generic DuckDuckGo search will be triggered. For example:

Note that by default, queries are searched on DuckDuckGo but this can be configured easily by updating two lines on. Check Configuration for details.

You might have to allow pop-ups for your homepage to use quick launch feature.

This version is not suitable for use on mobile as clicking on the clock will only bring up pre-defined sites.


You can search any of the sites by typing a colon after the site's key, followed by your search query. For example:

Specific Locations

You can go to a specific location on a site by typing a forward slash after the site's key, followed by the location on the site you'd like to be redirected to. For example:

URL Redirects

If you enter in a full domain or URL, you will be redirected to said domain or URL. For example:

You can also use Ctrl + Enter key combination to launch the query with a .com TLD.

Query Paramater

Additionally, you can pass any query via the q query param. For example:

  • Going to file:///path/to/tilde/index.html?q=cats would search Cats.

This allows you to invoke Tilde with your native browser search bar.


Open up the config.js file and read through the CONFIG!

Setting it up for new tabs on Firefox

By default Firefox won't let you set a custom URL for new tabs but there is a work-around to circumvent the problem.

You can follow Urimu's Guide to set your new tab to launch custom URLs.


Feel free to use this and modify it however you like.