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Sphido / Events

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Events is simple pure functional event dispatching library for PHP 5.5+ and have nice and clear interface with function on(), one(), off(), trigger(), filter(), ensure(), listeners(), events() - that's all!

With sphido/events can:

  • listeners prioritization
  • add/remove listeners
  • filter values by functions
  • stop propagation in function chain
  • and have event default handler

Trigger event

on('event', function () {
  echo "wow it's works yeah!";

trigger('event'); // print wow it's works yeah!

Function trigger() return array of all callback listeners results.

Listeners prioritization

on(	'event', function () { echo " stay hungry"; }, 200);
on(	'event', function () { echo "stay foolish"; }, 100);

trigger('event'); // print "stay foolish stay hungry"

Notice: default event priority is 10!

Filter - change value by listeners

Function filter() return result of all callback function hook to event. Filtred value it's transmitted from one function to another.

add_filter('price', function($price) {
  return (int)$price . ' USD';

echo filter('price', 100); // print 100 USD
add_filter('price', function($price) {
  return 'The price is: ' . $price ;

echo filter('price', 100); // print The price is: 100 USD

This function it's basically copy of Wordpress add_filter and apply_filters functions.

Ensure handler

Sometimes you need ensure that will be handled by some default function, but need allow overridden that function by something else.

on('render', function () { echo 'my custom renderer'; });

echo ensure('render', function () {
  return 'default renderer';
// print "my custom renderer"

Remove listener from event

Add and remove listener:

$handler = function() { };
on('event', $handler); // add
off('event', $handler); // remove

Add and remove all listeners:

$handler = function() { };
on('event', $handler);
on('event', $handler);
on('event', $handler);
off('event'); // remove all listeners

Call listener just once

one('event', function(){ echo "called me once"; });
trigger('event'); // will print "called me once" 
trigger('event'); // will print nothing

Stop propagation example

on('event', function () { echo 'a'; });
on('event', function () { echo 'b'; });
on('event', function () { echo 'c'; return false; }); // stop propagation now
on('event', function () { echo 'd'; });

trigger('event'); // print abc

Trigger multiple events at once

on('one', function () { echo 'you know that: ';});
on('two', function ($a, $b) { echo " $a is not $b ";});

trigger(['one', 'two'], 100, 200); // print 'you know that: 100 is not 200'

Apply multiple filters at once

add_filter('one', function ($array) { return array_sum($array);});
add_filter('two', function ($value) { return 'Suma is ' . $value;});

filter(['one', 'two'], [10, 20, 30, 40])); // output will be 'Suma is 100'

Getting listeners array

Getting events static stdClass:

events(); // return all events
events()->hook; // return selected hook

Getting listeners array:

listeners('hook'); // return hook listeners

For more examples visit tests.


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