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Web application to create amiga binary font files ready to include in the copperlist -
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AmigaFontEditor is a very basic font editor intended for Amiga's assembler programmers.

The goal of AmigaFontEditor is to let you draw for each grid a character ranging from ascii 32 up to 128 and get merge all of them in a single binary file ready to be included in your Amiga assembler program with the instruction `incbin'.

You can also inspect the binary content using the show binary and show hex buttons and restore a previously saved binary file with the `Import From Raw File' button.

AmigaFontEditor has not dependencies, entirely written in pure javascript and can run offline. You can try it live now at []

Pull requests are welcome!!!

Tested on chrome 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit) Debian Gnu/Linux OS

Amiga forever

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