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Alfred @ Home

Alfred is a personal project I started a year ago. The first idea was "How rethink the New Tab page to be really useful ?". And after a year of experimentations, few elements stay and growth.

/!\ Perfectly adapt for a 13" MacBook Pro, not really for the other screens /!\

Alfred Dashboard

The Dashboard

The next big labor of this project. With the simple idea get a summary of my life by aggregating datas. Quantify Self from Withing and place I've visited form Instagram. Work In Proress

Série's Digest

Série is my way to answer my question of "Which of these episodes I've already watched ?". It's a simple and easy to use manager of series. Work In Progress

#######Short Term Work

  • Add Browser Notification (When a New Episode is out).
  • Make the watch button works.
  • Rethink of the add/edit modal.
  • Add a gestion of the seasons.

#######Long Term Work

  • Create a Timer for the series who waiting the next season.
  • Create a better organization of the series (New Episode first, active series, then next series active, and hide the others series).
  • Integrate IMDb to update automatically the episodes.

New's Digest

Based on the idea of Yahoo New's digest the idea of news digest is to inform me in real time about the most important international news. Empty


Maybe not the most useful, but certainly the most use, It's basically the 20 most rated pictures of Imgur in the same place. By this way I'm avoiding spending hours on Imgur, watching all the pictures. Done


Just a way for me to manage my shopping list when I'm going to do some shopping Work In Progress


Finally a way to organize my snippet in order to don't look at all my old project when I don't remember something. Empty



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