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AlpacaPBeM for Dominions 5

NOTE: This was just a small test project for me to test C# and should not actually be used to play Dominions 5.

Alpaca is a small PBeM manager written in C# for Dominions 5 for Windows. It is very early and it is only capable of receiving a turn based on the name of the game and sending turns to a server. There is no UI at the moment and the user has to fill out the configuration file manually before starting the program. There will hopefully be a UI further down the line. I'm primarily a C/C++ programmer and this is my first C# program so it is bound to have some spaghetti so any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

The fields in the config file are pretty straight forward.

Email: Your email

UsrSMTPServer: SMTP server address

UsrSMTPServerPort: SMTP server port

UsrIMAPServer: IMAP server address

UsrIMAPServerPort: IMAP server port

GameExecutable: Not used yet

Savedgames: Path to your Dominions 5 savedgames folder, usually found in C:\Users[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\Dominions5\savedgames

TurnEmail: The email you wish to send your turns to, should most likely be turns[at]

Please note that there are probably (most certainly) bugs.


PBeM manager for Dominions 5




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