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Final Fantasy Card battle

This card game uses React to render the game and Redux to store current game stats. Bootstrap was added in to help position components Game code developed by Peter Nguyen and Artwork/Direction by Anthony Le

Game Description

Card game based on FinalFantasy game art. Players will have the ability to pick from classic heros/heroines from the FinalFantasy series Test your luck against your friends in this card battle brawl.

How To Play

  1. Pick Character Avatar
    • each Character has different stats in health and defense
    • perks to be added in the future
  2. Choose between 9 cards
    • there are two attack cards used to damage opponent
    • picking bahamut damages both players
    • the shield can block an attack
    • heal will heal current player
    • 2x and 3x strike are equip cards for damage multipliers

NOTE: in the future, I'm insterested in adding in more cards and character abilities

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