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You will need to have an Ethernet connection as well as a Wi-Fi adapter that supports Access-Point (Master) mode. The following list of OSes represents recommended environments to run WiFi-Pumpkin, as most of required dependencies are pre-installed. VMs are also recommended.

OS Version
Kali Linux 2.0
Kali Linux Rolling Edition
WifiSlax 4.11.1/4.12
Parrot OS 2.0.5/3.0
Ubuntu 15.10/16.04
Pentoo Rolling Edition

Installation procedure

 git clone
 cd WiFi-Pumpkin
 chmod +x
 sudo ./ --install

or grab a Debian *.deb package from GitHub Releases

sudo dpkg -i wifi-pumpkin-0.8.4-all.deb 
About the issue with 2 WiFi-adapter for different purposes

I want to use two wireless adapters, one for WiFi-Pumpkin and other to get an Internet connection. Ethernet isn't an available option.

Version 0.7.5 has added support for this feature. The following OSes are tested to work:

  • Kali Linux (version 0.8.5)
  • Kubuntu 15.10 (tested)
  • Parrot - 2.0.5/3.0.1 (tested)
  • Wifislax - 4.11.1 (coming soon)
  • Ubuntu 16.04/16.10 (tested)

About wireless adapters

Your wireless adapter and your kernel driver must support AP mode. In order to check this, execute this shell command:

 iw list

If there is 'AP' in the list of "Supported interface modes", your card has support for the desired mode.

Another method:
  • Find your kernel driver module in use by issuing the below command:
 lspci -k | grep -A 3 -i network

(example module: ath9k) next, use the below command to find out your wifi capabilities (replace ath9k by your kernel driver):

modinfo ath9k | grep depend

If the above output includes “mac80211” then it means your wifi card will support the AP mode.

The adapter needs to have drivers for GNU/Linux.

To install Another linux distro

however would most likely also work in debian based systems.

dependencies softwares

  • hostapd
  • isc-dhcp-server (optional)
  • php5-cli (optional)
  • Linux require soft:
    • rfkill , iptables , nmcli

To Install Pyqt4

Install the dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Installation on Pentoo or Gentoo (or related Distros) (overlay search @

layman -S && layman -L && layman -a pentoo if not added.. newer : eselect repository add pentoo git emerge -av net-wireless/wifi-pumpkin Y/N

###Sabayon Linux , May be in pentest(built-from-pentoo etc) bin-repo via enman ,

or likeise emerged however

equo i net-wireless/wifi-pumpkin is often the best option for optimal results.

wiki Resoruces.. for Gentoo tools mentioned.

refer to the wiki for Installation

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