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Chingu FCC Speedrun Challenge


Fork this repository and add your code for each project to the appropriate folder in your repository. As you complete each project, write a blog post about your experience (most publish their blog posts to Medium so they can be easily added to the Chingu Medium publication, but you are free to post wherever you are most comfortable).

You may work in pairs for phase 1 and you and your pair may share the same repository for phase 1. For phase 2, each participant should create a new repository to contain their personal Portfolio SPA.

The goal (Phase 1)

Complete as many of the FCC Projects as you can in a three week period. To be considered complete: the code for the project should be committed to the appropriate folder in your fork of this repository, you should have created a blog post about your experience working on the project, and you should "check off" this project in this readme file, adding a link to your blog post.

To prepare for Phase 2 you'll want to ensure that you use the same "stack" (same backend language, same frontend framework) and keep to a consistent coding style across projects.

Time limit: three weeks

The goal (Phase 2)

Integrate all of the FCC Projects you created in Phase 1 into one comprehensive single page portfolio application.

Time limit: one week

Deadline to complete both Phases:

One month from the day you started.

The Rules

  • Pick one stack (backend language and frontend framework) and stick to it (it'll make Phase 2 easier). Any stack is fine, but stick to just one.
  • You may reuse code you previously wrote, but try to improve on your prior effort in some way.
  • You may work in pairs for Phase 1 and contribute to a shared repository for Phase 1.
  • Each individual must complete Phase 2 solo, in their own repository.
  • For each project in Phase 1, each participant must write their own blog post about their experience working on that project. This can be on your own blog, Medium, wherever and can contain whatever you want: a brief blog style ramble about how you felt during the project, a tutorial explaining some concept you learned during the project, a series of photos showing your cat sleeping on your desk while you worked on the project - whatever - but something.
  • All code for Phase 1 should be committed to your fork of this repo.
  • Phase 2 code should be in a separate repository each participant creates to contain their personal Portfolio SPA.
  • You may ask for help and help others - preference should always be given to helping someone understand, not handing them code they don't.
  • If someone is stuck, you may pair with them to help them get unstuck (on as many projects as you want) even if you're doing your own entry separately or with another pair.
  • If someone pairs with you to help you get unstuck, be sure to make a note to credit them in your repo and in your blog posts.


  • For Phase 1, all of your code should be committed/pushed to the appropriate directories in your fork of this repository.
  • For Phase 1, you do NOT need to host the projects on a live site, merely test them locally, then commit your code. You can, of course, host a demo of the project if you want to though.
  • For Phase 1, you must write a blog post for each project you complete and link to it in the projects table (in your fork of) this README file.
  • For Phase 2, you must each create a repository to hold your individual Phase 2 project, then link to that project in the portfolio/ file of this project.
  • For Phase 2, you must both commit your code to github, and host a live version of your project.

The Competition

Who can complete the most projects in Phase 1?

Who can make the most complete and professional looking portfolio in Phase 2?

Note: This is the type of competition where, yes, winning is awesome, but participating and giving it your all is the best prize, and everyone can get that :D

FCC Projects

Copy this table as needed to make a separate table for each team member for recording blog posts

Start date:

Complete Date Blog Post Project
N/A Comprehensive Portfolio as a Single Page App
Build a Tribute Page
Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage
Build a Random Quote Machine
Show the Local Weather
Build a Wikipedia Viewer
Use the JSON API
Build a JavaScript Calculator
Build a Pomodoro Clock
Build a Tic Tac Toe Game
Build a Simon Game
Build a Markdown Previewer
Build a Camper Leaderboard
Build a Recipe Box
Build the Game of Life
Build a Roguelike Dungeon Crawler
Visualize Data with a Bar Chart
Visualize Data with a Scatterplot Graph
Visualize Data with a Heat Map
Show National Contiguity with a Force Directed Graph
Map Data Across the Globe
Timestamp Microservice
Request Header Parser Microservice
URL Shortener Microservice
Image Search Abstraction Layer
File Metadata Microservice
Build a Voting App
Build a Nightlife Coordination App
Chart the Stock Market
Manage a Book Trading Club
Build a Pinterest Clone


Challenge for the Chingu Cohorts




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