Some experiments with Software defined Networking (SDN) and P2PSP.
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Scrambling P2PSP in a SDN architecture

This repository is a part of the sdn-lab repository

Running an experiment with HPs, a S, an MP and a TP

Run a set of experiments




It runs a set of samples for a network from 10 to 100 peers (step of 10) where a MP attacks the same target during all simulation vs a MP changing the target each round. For a totally SDN topology or for a mixed one.

Automatic Test

./ [team_size] [port] [rounds_to_shuffle] [target_type]


./ [team_size] [port] [rounds_to_shuffle] [target_type] [extra_peers]

Where target_type can be 0 for a fixed target during all session, or 1 for changing target in each round. Both of them are chosen by random. extra_peers is the number of peers which are not running in a managed network.

Manual Test

Run Mininet

Run a network with one switch and 9 hosts:

$ sudo mn --topo single,9 --mac --switch ovsk --controller remote

Run Ryu App

$ ryu-manager --config-file scrambling_p2p.conf

The configuration for this experiment is in the config file scrambling_p2p.conf Example:

  • team_size = 8
  • port = 12345
  • rounds_to_shuffle = 1

Testing that it works properly

In mininet console run a HP for peers 1 to 6:

mininet> h[n] python3 -p 12345 -s -z 8&

Where [n] is a number from 1 to 6.

Now run a TP in host 7:

mininet> h7 python3 -p 12345 -s -z 8&

Now a MP in host 8 choosing as a target of the attack host 5:

mininet> h8 python3 -p 12345 -s -z 8 -t 5&

Finally, run a S in host 9:

mininet> h9 python3 -p 12345 -z 8

Is the attack detected? Who was being attacked when the TP detected it?