A virtual room where friends share videos among them in real time directly over the web browser, with synchronized playback and a video chat at the same time.
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What is Virtual-Room?

Virtual-Room provides a real-time video sharing platform. Friends can share videos and chat at the same time over a web browser.


  • Real-Time Video Sharing Share videos with your family and friends in a synchronized way at the same time that you keep a video-call with them. It's like watching your favorite videos in the same room but virtually.
  • Peer-to-Peer connection Data is shared directly among browsers without passing through a server.
  • In browser MP4 fragmentation Thanks to MP4Box.js by Telecom ParisTech/TSI/MM/GPAC Cyril Concolato.
  • Cuting edge technologies Technologies used are P2PSP, WebRTC and MSE.

Run the project in a built-in web server


$ sudo apt install php

Run the back-end

Go to test directory and run:

$ ./test.me

Run the front-end

Open the following URL in Chromium/Chrome browser (we are working on other browser compatibility):


This work is supported by Google Summer of Code 2017 initiative. See it on GSoC Webpage
Virtual-Room is based on an original idea and several experiments from P2PSP organization, which can be found at WebRTC P2PSP repository and P2PSP WebRTC experiments