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// peer_dbs.h - Data Broadcasting Set of rules.
// This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License (see
// the THE_GNU_GENERAL_PUBLIC_LICENSE.txt file for extending this
// information). Copyright (C) 2016, the P2PSP team.
#include "peer_core.h"
using namespace boost::asio;
namespace p2psp {
class Peer_DBS : public Peer_core {
static const int kMaxChunkDebt = 128; // Peer's rejecting threshold
int kAddr = 0;
int kPort = 1;
std::map<ip::udp::endpoint, int> debt_;
int number_of_monitors_;
int max_chunk_debt_;
int receive_and_feed_counter_;
std::vector<char> receive_and_feed_previous_;
int debt_memory_;
bool waiting_for_goodbye_;
bool modified_list_;
std::vector<ip::udp::endpoint> peer_list_;
int number_of_peers_;
bool ready_to_leave_the_team_;
virtual void Init() override;
virtual void SayHello(const ip::udp::endpoint&);
virtual void SayGoodbye(const ip::udp::endpoint&);
virtual void ReceiveTheListOfPeers();
void ReceiveTheNumberOfPeers();
void ListenToTheTeam()/* override*/;
virtual int ProcessMessage(const std::vector<char>&,
const ip::udp::endpoint&) override;
virtual float CalcBufferCorrectness();
virtual float CalcBufferFilling();
virtual void PoliteFarewell();
virtual void BufferData() override;
virtual void Start() override;
virtual void Run() override;
virtual void ConnectToTheSplitter() throw(boost::system::system_error) override;
bool AmIAMonitor();
int GetNumberOfPeers();
virtual void SetMaxChunkDebt(int);
virtual int GetMaxChunkDebt();
virtual std::vector<ip::udp::endpoint> *GetPeerList();
static int GetDefaultMaxChunkDebt();
virtual void ReceiveMyEndpoint();
virtual bool IsReadyToLeaveTheTeam();