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IMS (Ip Multicast Set of rules)


IMS can be enabled if IP multicast is avaiable for connecting the peers of the team.


  1. Multicast traffic: The splitter sends the stream (of chunks) to a IP multicast address:port (channel), which peers listen to.

  2. Peer arrival: Incomming peers contact the splitter in order to join the channel.

  3. Buffering: Chunks are enumerated by the splitter and buffered in the peers in order to hide the network jitter. In the IMS mode, each peer can use a different buffer size. We define:

    IMS_packet = [chunk_index, chunk]

    Each peer can use a different buffer size $B$. By performance reasons, it must be hold that

    \begin{equaiton} M = pB \label{eq:chunk_index_buffer_size_relation} \end{equation}

    where $M-1$ is the maximun chunk index and $p$ is a positive integer.

  4. Peer departure: Nothing to report.