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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/P2PSP/ios

To clone this projects with all submodules, make shure you clone with --recursive argument:

git clone --recursive ...

iOS project configuration

This is the src path to the XCode project of the P2PSP for iOS app. To compile the XCode project we need to include several libraries as Boost, VLCKit and OpenSSL into lib.


  • You can download the compiled version of VLCKit for iOS here and extract it to the lib directory mentioned above.


  • To compile Boost for iOS you can clone wherever you want the following repository https://github.com/danoli3/ofxiOSBoost.
  • Edit the file ofxiOSBoost/scripts/build-libc++ and change BOOST_LIBS with the required libraries to our P2PSP project: ${BOOST_LIBS:="system thread program_options log"} so we don't let the boost binary file be really large.
  • Then just run the script and be patient. It takes a long time to finish.
  • When the compilation is finished, place libboost.a into lib/ios/libboost.a, and the boost headers into lib/include/boost


  • There are some functions in some common source files in the core that make use of OpenSSL headers, but currently those functions are not being called yet because that functionality is still under develpment. So, to avoid compiling OpenSSL for iOS, we just need to add a symlink to our openssl root into lib.
  • You can install openssl using brew.
  • Then run brew install openssl.
  • Go to lib and run ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/openssl/[your_version]/ openssl

Then you can open the project file in p2psp-ios/p2psp-ios.xcodeproj with XCode 7 (or above) and run it.

Somethig went wrong?

  • Go to Xcode Targets > Your Target > Build Phases > Link Binary With Libraries and remove libboost.a and MobileVLCKit.framework and add them again.

  • In Xcode Build Settings for your project go to Library Search Paths (LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS) or Header Search Paths (HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS) and check if the libraries path here is the same where you have the libraries (if not, you can add the new one manually).