Malicious peers (MPs) vs Trusted peers(TPs). Who would win a war in a P2PSP team?
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P2PSP War Games

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Test bed to measure the impact of several types of attacks in a P2PSP Team.


To clone this projects with all submodules, make sure you clone with --recursive argument: git clone --recursive ...



$ [sudo] apt-get install libboost-all-dev
$ [sudo] apt-get install libssl-dev
$ [sudo] apt-get install python3-numpy
$ [sudo] apt-get install cvlc
$ [sudo] apt-get install cmake
$ [sudo] apt-get install gnuplot

Build the P2PSP Library


$ cd lib/p2psp
$ ./
$ cd ../..

Run it

./simulator [-n -i -t -m -z -d -c]

n number of peer in the initial team
i number of TPs in the initial team
t total number of TPs
m total number of MPs
z total size of the entire team
d duration of the experiment in seconds
c clean results of the experiment

Entities in a Team

  • Splitter
  • Well-intended peer (WIP)
  • Trusted Peer (TP)
  • Malicious peer (MP)