@Aragas Aragas released this Jul 28, 2017 · 347 commits to master since this release

Assets 3



  • Fixed fast graphics floor tiles inside the underwater cave.
  • Fixed all issues regarding the Backup Save Feature. Disabled it by default.
  • Hopefully fixed some performance issues regarding offset maps
  • Fixed Pain Split being considered an HM
  • Fixed Focus Blast accuracy and category
  • Fixed Autotomize name
  • Fixed EV gain algorithm
  • Fixed Sky Attack missing flinch chance
  • Fixed Power Swap wrong target
  • Fixed badge display in trainer card
  • Fixed Fake Out flinch conditions in PvE
  • Added support for .ogg music files
  • Added engine support for all remaining pokemon alternate forms
  • Fixed most interactions with King's Rock in battle
  • Fixed Aegislash losing Stance Change permanently under certain conditions
  • Fixed serious performance issues on rendering models in the PC pokemon storage


  • Fixed an exploit in the E4 maps that allowed the player to get by without battling
  • Fixed Old man script in Five Island
  • Adjusted the prices in the frontier shop
  • Fixed typo in the dialogue of some NPC in Six Island pokecenter
  • Fixed a typo kitchen script in the player's house
  • Fixed Lilligant , Delphox and Greninja data files
  • Added several sprites mostly made and/or edited by OmegaGhost

@jianmingyong jianmingyong released this Feb 16, 2017 · 391 commits to master since this release

Assets 5


1. Pokemon

  • Adjusted the position of some summary sprites.
  • Fixed Sharpedo and Kabutops data files.
  • Fixed Mega Char X overworld sprite.
  • Fixed some pokemon data files.
  • Pichu can have Volt Tackle now.
  • Fixed Sharpedo's held item.
  • Fixed Charmander and Charmeleon data files.
  • Added new sprites.

2. Battle System

  • Add Bubble weather in battle system.
  • Fixed after fainting switch interaction with trapping moves/abilities.
  • Fix moves and abilities that break through ghost inmunity to normal and fighting type attacks.
  • Fixed item transferring/removing moves and abilities.
  • Fixed magician and pickpocket abilities.
  • Fixed two turn moves.
  • Fixed confusion conditions for Outrage and similar moves.
  • Fixed "but there's no target" issue.
  • Fixed Toxic Orb ans Flame Orb effects.
  • Fixed Yawn counter.
  • Fixed immunity breaking moves/abilities.
  • Fixed intimidate and similar abilities.
  • Fixed Hyper Beam and similar moves recharge conditions.
  • Updated Explosion/Selfdestruct damage to the current gen.
  • Fixed Fake Out usage after switching in.
  • Fixed synchronize and teleport interaction.
  • Fixed sleep infliction interaction with multi turn moves counters.
  • Fixed multiturn moves interaction with confusion status.
  • Fixed Quiver Dance interaction with substitute.
  • Fixed Fury Cutter not resetting its counter properly.
  • Fixed Electro Ball and Gyro Ball moves damage output.
  • Fixed Effect Spore ability interaction with multi hit contact moves.
  • Fixed cloud nine interaction with Hail/Sandstorm.
  • Fixed infatuation volatile status lingering after the opp has switched out.

3. Game Content

  • Added battle frontier shop with power items.
  • Updated Tornado9797 NPC. Added script and trainer file to it.
  • Fixed daycare texts and costs and other miscellaneous fixes.
  • Fixed birdkeeper, memorial and map guy scripts in Five Island.
  • Fixed machop trade issues. Now only tradeable in the dept store.
  • Fixed rival script inside indigo plateau building.
  • Fixed center healing script.
  • Fixed underwater cave surface battle map.
  • Fixed underwater cave main battle map ceiling.
  • Fixed the collision of the table inside Lavender Town radio tower.
  • Fixed vivillon sprite not showing in the grotto.
  • Fixed underwater cave surfing bug.
  • Added TM Drain Punch in its HGSS location.
  • Fixed stairs in Viridian Forest.
  • Fixed leaving ship script in Vermillion.
  • Changed the halloffame.dat script so now it plays halloffame.ogg in the hall of fame.
  • Fixed major lag in Underwater cave.

4. GameMode

  • Added <level.musicloop> constructor and @music.forceplay command.
  • Y axis movement :) Press Left Ctrl + Left Alt + W to move up. (Left Ctrl is to make the player walk through walls which is apparently needed)
  • Added @Pokemon.AddSteps(PokemonIndex, StepsToAdd)
  • Added @Pokemon.SetSteps(PokemonIndex, StepsToSet)
  • Added <Pokemon.GetSteps(PokemonIndex)>
  • Added per GameMode instance of global start script. New GameMode rule added "StartScript".
  • Enabled any pokemon having all HMs in Sandbox mode.

5. Misc

  • Changed minifont from Verdana to Verdana Bold for better visibility.
  • Made incoming hall of fame entries to store useful data only.
  • Update credits screen.
  • Added version info on the title bar.
  • Added new options for future uses.
  • Saving no longer stuck in the saving screen. It will display save failed. (With a message)
  • Backup Save is added into the game. You can enable this via 0.54.1/saves/options.dat > "Extras|Backup Save". Your save will now be backed up. You can then keep a copy and put it elsewhere so that if anything bad happens, jianmingyong can fix for you.
  • Fixed unusual screen size on full screen mode.
  • XNA Build is back. You can download them below. (XNAPokemon.zip)

@Aragas Aragas released this Dec 9, 2016 · 520 commits to master since this release

Assets 4


1. Battle System:

1.1. Major Changes:

  • Players can now pick the next pokemon after his own pokemon faints
  • Introduced a feature that allows players to pick their lead in PvP battles
  • Fixed a major bug that made the game freeze in PvP battles sometimes
  • Implemented Mega Evolutions and their functionality.
  • Fixed they order in which passive damage is done, as well as other field effects
  • Fixed two turn moves from being able to miss the charging turn
  • Updated weather field effect inducing abilities to Gen 6
  • Fixed pseudo-hazing moves all along (Roar, Dragon Tail, etc.)
  • Fixed critical hits all along (1.5 damage, ignores attack lowers and defense raises)
  • Reworked Accuracy/Evasion stat changes to match the original games
  • Fixed temporary trapping moves all along (Wrap, Fire Spin, etc.)
  • Fixed Lvl 100 Pokemon not being able to earn EVs via EV training
  • Implemented EV training items and their functionality (only Macho Brace is being released)
  • Fixed a null reference crash related to sleep status
  • Fixed secondary effects and recoil interactions all along

1.2 Moves:

1.2.1 Implementations

  • Foul Play
  • Sticky Web
  • Volt Switch
  • Steam Eruption
  • Freeze Dry
  • Secret Sword
  • Sacred Sword
  • Circle Throw
  • Frost Breath
  • V-Create
  • Bolt Strike
  • Blue Flare
  • Infestation
  • Roar Of Time
  • Autotomize
  • Magnet Rise
  • Trick Room

1.2.2 Fixes

  • Fixed Substitute interaction with status and stat change inflicting moves
  • Fixed Lock On interaction with two-turn moves
  • Fixed Nightmare effect
  • Fixed Psyshock and similar moves effect
  • Fixed Endure
  • Fixed Sucker Punch interaction
  • Fixed Leech Seed effect (now takes on account max HP)
  • Fixed Spikes damage
  • Fixed Beat Up damage calculation and number of hits
  • Fixed Hypnosis and Sing inmunity checks
  • Fixed many descriptions, PP counts, etc.
  • Fixed Detect counter

1.3 Abilities

  • Implemented Regenerator and Imposter abilities
  • Fixed Shield Dust interaction
  • Fixed Stance Change ability all along
  • Fixed Contrary Ability
  • Fixed Synchronize ability from taking on account
  • Fixed Life Orb interaction with some abilities (Sheer Force, Magic Guard)
  • Fixed Prankster Condition
  • Fixed Guts and Toxic Boost attack increasing effects
  • Fixed Pixilate/Refrigerate/Aerilate

1.4 Items

1.4.1 Implementations (Not neccessarily released)

  • Light Clay
  • Damp Rock
  • Heat Rock
  • Smooth Rock
  • Icy Rock
  • EV/IV Training items (Power Lens, Power Band, etc.)
  • Macho Brace
  • Mega Ring

1.4.2 Releases Standard

  • Light Clay
  • Macho Brace
  • Cameruptite
  • Incense items
  • Damp Rock TMs

  • Scald
  • Brine
  • Focus Blast
  • Stealth Rock
  • Dark Pulse
  • Safeguard
  • Swagger
  • False Swipe
  • Reflect
  • Light Screen

1.4.3 Key Items

  • Empty Sea Map

1.4.4 Fixes

  • Fixed King's Rock battle effect
  • Fixed Lum Berry not curing confusion
  • Fixed description and prices for several items

1.5 Pokémon

1.5.1 Releases

  • Scatterbug
  • Spewpa
  • Vivillon
  • Goomy
  • Sliggoo
  • Goodra
  • Carvanha
  • Sharpedo
  • Litleo
  • Pyroar
  • Clauncher
  • Clawitzer
  • Skrelp
  • Dragalge
  • Manaphy
  • Binacle
  • Barbaracle
  1. Other Engine related changes

    2.1 Major changes

    • Switched from XNA Framework to Monogame.
    • Now the game requires OpenAL to be played
    • Temporarily changed minifont from Segoe UI Mono to Verdana
    • Temporarily fixed a music loop bug related to Monogame (THIS BREAKS CONTENT PACKS MUSIC.)

    2.2 UI

    • Added Pokemon Roaming Tracker in the world map screen.
    • Fixed a major lag on Join server screen.

    2.3 GameMode

    • Added new map action tag {"SurfingBattleMap"{str[MapName]}} {"SurfingBattleMap"{str[MapName,x,y,x]}}
    • Added @Pokemon.AddToStorage()

    @Pokemon.AddToStorage([BoxIndex], PokemonData)
    @Pokemon.AddToStorage(PokemonID, Level, [Method], [BallID], [Location], [isEgg], [trainerName])

    Paramenter in square bracket [ ] is optional.

    • Added @Pokemon.SendToStorage()

    @Pokemon.SendToStorage(PokeIndex, BoxIndex)

    BoxIndex is the selected box you wish to dump into. They start from 0.

    • Custom Item support was removed.
    • Fixed Waterfall tile. Waterfall tile now support multiple rectangle in one texture. As such, this fix the ability to use multiple water texture in the game.
    • Fixed Water tile. Water tile now support multiple rectangle in one texture. As such, this fix the ability to use multiple water texture in the game.
    • Nuke mega stones. To prevent mega stones from adding into gamemode, simply use @Register.unregister(PokemonIndev054Update)

    2.4 Server Related

    • Added Ctrl + X functionality on chat screen.
    • Fixed Online Sprite not showing on server.

    2.5 Misc

    • Fixed the ability to use dive while the player is diving up or down.
    • Fixed the clipping of Entities and Players causing either one of them to be invisible.
  2. Content

    3.1 New Locations

    • Underwater cave
    • Five Island
    • Six Island (partially)

    3.2 Storyline SPOILERS ALERT

    • Final rival scenes
    • Five Island (complete)
    • Six Island (Partial)
    • Elite Four rematches
    • Empty Sea Map storyline
    • The first Mega Stones
  3. Regression (Apparently we added new bugs for you that are present in this update)

    • Content pack require a full restart in order to avoid crashes in game.