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[0.56] - Battles, battles, battles!!

@darkfire006 darkfire006 released this
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1 - Gym Leader Rematches

  • Battle Bar Location created in Goldenrod City.
  • 8 Johto Gym Leaders available after beating Lance
  • 8 Kanto Gym Leaders available after beating Blue
  • 8 other trainers available from special events after gathering all of the Gym Leaders
  • Even stronger rematch teams for Red on Mt. Silver

2 - Moves, Items and Abilities

2.1 New Battle Mechanics

  • Electric Terrain
  • Grassy Terrain
  • Misty Terrain
  • Psychic Terrain
  • "Grounded" Condition
  • Gen 7 Natural Gift Power Calculations

2.2 New Moves

  • Electric Terrain
  • Grassy Terrain
  • Misty Terrain
  • Psychic Terrain

2.3 New Abilities

  • Electric Surge
  • Grassy Surge
  • Misty Surge
  • Psychic Surge
  • Grass Pelt
  • Surge Surfer

2.4 New Items

  • Electric Seed
  • Grassy Seed
  • Misty Seed
  • Psychic Seed
  • Terrain Extender
  • TMs 171-181
  • Elemental Gems
  • Ice Stone
  • Snowball
  • Cell Battery
  • Roseli Berry
  • Kee Berry
  • Maranga Berry
  • Berserk Gene
  • Pewter Crunchies

3 Minor changes

  • Several new items buyable in Frontier Shop with BP
  • Evolution stone shop in Fuchsia City
  • Minor Aesthetic and Item changes in Icefall Cave
  • Some trainers have minor team changes in preparation for Alolan Forms
  • Some wild pokemon have changed in preparation for Alolan Forms
  • Some background content changed to support eventual implementation of Gen 7 Pokemon and Alolan forms

4 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several major bugs related to time

  • Overhauled item icons for better clarity

  • Goldenrod Mart rooftop fences adjusted

  • Added wild pokemon encounters to Pallet Town and Cinnabar Island

  • Rock incense moved to ID 299 and re-added to Lost cave

  • Fixed several typos and old names around Clair and Chuck

  • Fixed offset map flickering on R42

  • Fixed Ladders in Mt Mortar

  • Fixed bug with some trainer’s HP

  • Fixed several maps with incorrect region maps

  • Allow Lanturn to learn Thunderbolt via TM

  • Fixed Whirl Islands Waterfall cave Wall

  • Fixed Silver’s Indigo Plateau rematches team

  • Fixed Dusk ball Multiplier in caves

  • Fixed Fake Out/First Impression working when it shouldn’t

  • Fixed protection-lifting moves showing messages unnecessarily

  • Fixed functionality for Trapping and Binding moves in various instances

  • Fixed Flinch message appearing randomly

  • Fixed Smack Down and Thousand Arrows properly grounding foes

  • Chilan Berry should now activate properly

  • Fixed multiple typos or capitalization issues on battle screen messages or moves

  • Fixed minor positioning issues on the inventory screen

  • Made Whitney mention her badge is necessary for Ride HM usage

  • Prevent Safari Balls and Sport Balls from being smuggled

  • Fixed animations on some Overworld sprites