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Our new website is built with Laravel and Tailwind CSS. This new website has replaced the old design from 2014. With the new design, we have a much cleaner and more modern website. And we will more easily be adding more features to the website in the future.


Want to contribute to the project? Check out for more info.


Want to install the project? Here is a quick guide to installing the project.

Please check the official laravel installation guide for server requirements before you start, official documentation.

Install all the dependencies using composer

composer install

Install all the dependencies using npm

npm install

Copy the example env file and make the required configuration changes in the .env file

cp .env.example .env

Generate a new application key

php artisan key:generate

We've made it easy for updating stuff for the application. Running this command will migrate the database, set settings, seed needed data, update API docs and more.

php artisan p3d:update

Need a set of test data in the database? Run this command to seed the database with test data.

php artisan db:seed --class=FactorySeeder

Start the local development server on Windows:

php artisan serve

You can now access the server at http://localhost:8000

Mac (Requires Laravel Valet):

valet open

Run code styling checks:



This software is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License. Check out LICENSE for more info.