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Dockerfiles for Apache Spark.
Apache Spark Docker image is available directly from

This image contains the following softwares:

  • OpenJDK 64-Bit v1.8.0_131
  • Scala v2.12.2
  • SBT v0.13.15
  • Apache Spark v2.2.0

Various versions of Spark Images

Depending on the version of the Spark Image you want, please run the corresponding command.
Latest image is always the most recent version of Apache Spark available. As of 11th July, 2017 it is v2.2.0.

Apache Spark latest [i.e. v2.2.0]

Dockerfile for Apache Spark v2.2.0

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark

Apache Spark v2.2.0

Dockerfile for Apache Spark v2.2.0

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark:2.2.0

Apache Spark v2.1.1

Dockerfile for Apache Spark v2.1.1

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark:2.1.1

Apache Spark v2.1.0

Dockerfile for Apache Spark v2.1.0

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark:2.1.0

Apache Spark v2.0.2

Dockerfile for Apache Spark v2.0.2

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark:2.0.2

Apache Spark v2.0.1

Dockerfile for Apache Spark v2.0.1

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark:2.0.1

Apache Spark v2.0.0

Dockerfile for Apache Spark v2.0.0

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark:2.0.0

Apache Spark v1.6.3

Dockerfile for Apache Spark v1.6.3

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark:1.6.3

Apache Spark v1.6.2

Dockerfile for Apache Spark v1.6.2

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark:1.6.2

Get the latest image

There are 2 ways of getting this image:

  1. Build this image using Dockerfile OR
  2. Pull the image directly from DockerHub.

Build the latest image

Copy the Dockerfile to a folder on your local machine and then invoke the following command.

docker build -t p7hb/docker-spark .

Pull the latest image

docker pull p7hb/docker-spark

Run Spark image

Run the latest image i.e. Apache Spark 2.2.0

Spark latest version as on 11th July, 2017 is 2.2.0. So, :latest or 2.2.0 both refer to the same image.

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -h spark --name=spark p7hb/docker-spark

Run images of previous versions

Other Spark image versions of this repository can be booted by suffixing the image with the Spark version. It can have values of 2.2.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.0, 2.0.2, 2.0.1, 2.0.0, 1.6.3 and 1.6.2.

Apache Spark latest [i.e. v2.2.0]

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -h spark --name=spark p7hb/docker-spark:2.2.0

Apache Spark v2.1.1

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -h spark --name=spark p7hb/docker-spark:2.1.1

Apache Spark v2.1.0

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -h spark --name=spark p7hb/docker-spark:2.1.0

Apache Spark v2.0.2

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -h spark --name=spark p7hb/docker-spark:2.0.2

Apache Spark v2.0.1

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -h spark --name=spark p7hb/docker-spark:2.0.1

Apache Spark v2.0.0

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -h spark --name=spark p7hb/docker-spark:2.0.0

Apache Spark v1.6.3

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -h spark --name=spark p7hb/docker-spark:1.6.3

Apache Spark v1.6.2

docker run -it -p 4040:4040 -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -h spark --name=spark p7hb/docker-spark:1.6.2

The above step will launch and run the image with:

  • root is the user we logged into.
  • spark is the container name.
  • spark is host name of this container.
    • This is very important as Spark Slaves are started using this host name as the master.
  • The container exposes ports 4040, 8080, 8081 for Spark Web UI console(s).

Check softwares and versions

Host name

root@spark:~# hostname


root@spark:~# java -version
openjdk version "1.8.0_131"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_111-8u131-b11-2~bpo8+1-b11)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.131-b11, mixed mode)


root@spark:~# scala -version
Scala code runner version 2.12.2 -- Copyright 2002-2017, LAMP/EPFL and Lightbend, Inc.


Running sbt about will download and setup SBT on the image.


root@spark:~# spark-shell
Spark context Web UI available at
Spark context available as 'sc' (master = local[*], app id = local-1483032227786).
Spark session available as 'spark'.
Welcome to
      ____              __
     / __/__  ___ _____/ /__
    _\ \/ _ \/ _ `/ __/  '_/
   /___/ .__/\_,_/_/ /_/\_\   version 2.1.1

Using Scala version 2.11.8 (OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM, Java 1.8.0_111)
Type in expressions to have them evaluated.
Type :help for more information.


Spark commands

All the required binaries have been added to the PATH.

Start Spark Master

Start Spark Slave spark://spark:7077

Execute Spark job for calculating Pi Value

spark-submit --class org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi --master spark://spark:7077 $SPARK_HOME/examples/jars/spark-examples*.jar 100
Pi is roughly 3.140495114049511

OR even simpler

$SPARK_HOME/bin/run-example SparkPi 100
Pi is roughly 3.1413855141385514

Please note the first command above expects Spark Master and Slave to be running. And we can even check the Spark Web UI after executing this command. But with the second command, this is not possible.

Start Spark Shell

spark-shell --master spark://spark:7077

View Spark Master WebUI console

View Spark Worker WebUI console

View Spark WebUI console

Only available for the duration of the application.

Misc Docker commands

Find IP Address of the Docker machine

This is the IP Address which needs to be used to look upto for all the exposed ports of our Docker container.

docker-machine ip default

Find all the running containers

docker ps

Find all the running and stopped containers

docker ps -a

Show running list of containers

docker stats --all shows a running list of containers.

Find IP Address of a specific container

docker inspect <<Container_Name>> | grep IPAddress

Open new terminal to a Docker container

We can open new terminal with new instance of container's shell with the following command.

docker exec -it <<Container_ID>> /bin/bash #by Container ID


docker exec -it <<Container_Name>> /bin/bash #by Container Name

Problems? Questions? Contributions? Contributions welcome

If you find any issues or would like to discuss further, please ping me on my Twitter handle @P7h or drop me an email.

License License

Copyright © 2016 Prashanth Babu.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


🚢 Docker image for Apache Spark





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