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@alejandromgk alejandromgk released this Feb 21, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

About this Release

This is a minor release part of the 0.12.x.x series.
It contains new features and improvements and we consider this a stable release and a mandatory update.

  • Implemented A Penalty System for Delayed Block Submission By Horizen to help mitigate 51% attacks.
  • As part of the penalty system, the RPC command getchaintips now has a new field penalization, it indicates the penalization a certain chain has.
  • New reward rules: miners now receive 15% of the block reward and masternodes 65%.
    • New reward rules active at height #217736.
  • The protocol was changed to 70215, masternodes need to issue masternode start command
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