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YAHFA demoPlugin

Here is a demo plugin which contains the hook info.


Build the plugin and you'll get an APK file. Push the APK to /sdcard/demoPlugin-debug.apk before running the demoApp.

How to write a plugin

To hook a method, please create a Class which has the following fields:

  • A static String field named className. This is the name of the class where the target method belongs to
  • A static String field named methodName. This is the name of the target method
  • A static String field named methodSig. This is the signature string of the target method

The above fields are used for finding target method. Besides, the class should have the following methods:

  • A static method named hook. This is the hook method that would replace the target method. Please make sure that the arguments do match. For example, if you hook a virtual method, then the first argument of the hook() should be this Object.
  • A static method named backup. This is the placeholder where the target method would be backed up before hooking. You can invoke backup() in hook() wherever you like. Since backup() is a placeholder, how the method is implemented doesn't matter. Also, backup() is optional, which means it's not necessary if the original method would not be called.

Now you have a class which contains all the information for hooking a method. We call this class hook item. You can create as many hook items as you like.

After creating all the hook items, put their names in the field hookItemNames of class lab.galaxy.yahfa.HookInfo. YAHFA would read this field for hook items when loading the plugin.

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