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Interactive 3D / 2D webgl-accelerated scatter plot point renderer. Core functionality from the embedding projector, capable of rendering and interacting with tens of thousands of points.


Basic use

// where `points` is an array of 2 or 3-dimensional points as number arrays.
const dataset = new ScatterGL.Dataset(points);
const scatterGL = new ScatterGL(containerElement);


with yarn / npm
yarn add scatter-gl
via cdn
<!-- Load three.js -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- Load scatter-gl.js -->
<script src=""></script>


The ScatterGL constructor can accept a number of parameters via a ScatterGLParams object:

Parameter Type Description default
camera Camera An object containing default parameters for the camera Camera params object (zoom: number, target: Point3D, and position: Point3D)
onClick (point: Point | null) => void A callback invoked when clicking on a point or elsewhere
onHover (point: Point | null) => void A callback invoked when hovering over a point
onSelect (points: Point[]) => void A callback invoked when a point or points are selected
onCameraMove (cameraPosition: THREE.Vector3, cameraTarget: THREE.Vector3) => void A callback invoked the camera moves due to user interaction.
pointColorer `(index: number, selectedIndices: Set, hoverIndex: number null) => string` A function to determine the color of points
renderMode RenderMode The render mode to display points, one of RenderMode.POINT, RenderMode.SPRITE, or RenderMode.TEXT RenderMode.POINT
showLabelsOnHover boolean Whether or not to render label text on hover true
selectEnabled boolean true Whether or not a user can select points by clicking
styles Styles An object containing style parameters to override the default options
rotateOnStart boolean Whether or not the renderer automatically rotates until interaction true
orbitControls OrbitControlParams An object containing default parameters for the orbit controls Orbit Controls params object (zoomSpeed: number, autoRotateSpeed: number, and mouseRotateSpeed: number)

ScatterGL methods

Method Description
isOrbiting() Returns whether the orbit animation is currently on
render(dataset: Dataset) Initializes and renders a dataset to the container element
resize() Updates the render size based on the container element
resetZoom() Resets the camera zoom to default
select(pointIndices: number[]) Selects points by index
setPanMode() Sets interaction mode to 'pan'
setPointColorer(pointColorer: PointColorer) Sets a function to determine colors
setHoverPointIndex() Sets the hovered point
setPointRenderMode() Sets point render mode
setRenderMode(renderMode: RenderMode) Sets a specific render mode
setSelectMode() Sets interaction mode to 'select'
setSequences(sequences: Sequence[]) Sets sequences with which to render polylines
setSpriteRenderMode() Sets sprite render mode
setTextRenderMode() Sets text render mode
updateDataset(dataset: Dataset) Updates the dataset
startOrbitAnimation() Begin rotating until an interaction
stopOrbitAnimation() Stops automatic rotation

ScatterGL Styles

See styles.ts for interfaces and descriptions of a user-configurable styles object that can be provided to ScatterGL to configure colors, sizes, fog, etc.

Advanced usage

See the demo app for examples of interaction handling, spritesheet rendering, and point coloring.


You can provide an object in the form of Styles via the styles parameter of the ScatterGLParams object.


yarn demo

This is not an officially supported Google product


Interactive 3D / 2D webgl-accelerated scatter plot point renderer







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