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Research & software development company based in Slovakia.

A 🇪🇺-based R&D company in Slovakia, focused on network-engineering services & products.

:octocat: Our Open-Source Projects

  • - I want to automate & orchestrate my network
  • YANGinator - I am writing YANG modules and looking for an IDE plugin.
  • YANG Validator - I want to make sure my YANG models are compatible with OpenDaylight and
  • NETCONF Simulator - I am looking for simulated NETCONF devices for my CI/CD pipeline.
  • StoneWork - I am looking for a distribution, with enhanced control-plane features.
  • VPPTop - I need a simple tool to visualize various VPP statistics on my console.
  • Triemap - I am a Java developer an I'm looking for a java.util.ConcurrentMap implementation which is in many respects better than java.util.ConcurrentHashMap.
  • RNC - I need a pre-packed lighty application which provides RESTCONF interface and can manage NETCONF devices.
  • RCgNMI - I am looking for a pre-packaged, application, which provides a RESTCONF interface and can manage gNMI devices.

Our Contributions

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  1. lighty Public

    Lightweight OpenDaylight runtime library.

    Java 109 71

  2. StoneWork Public

    StoneWork - high-performance data plane, modular control plane solution.

    Go 25 13

  3. NETCONF device simulators and libraries

    Java 20 16

  4. YANGinator Public


    Java 16 10

  5. vpptop Public

    vpptop, real time VPP statistics

    Go 36 13


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