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Repository files navigation 21 is a Software Development Kit powered by OpenDaylight to support, ease & accelerate the development of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions in Java. Developed by

It utilizes core OpenDaylight components, which are available as a set of libraries and are adapted to run in a plain Java SE environment.

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This branch maintains compatibility with OpenDaylight 2024-09 Scandium, release.


  • Removed Karaf: Having Java SE as a runtime, you can use a framework of your choice, not only Karaf
  • Improved Speed: Improved memory management & speed
  • Modularity: Your application code can start, stop & restart modules, as required

Use Cases

Modules, Examples & Apps

Modules Examples Applications
Integration Tests gNMI/RESTCONF App gNMI RESTCONF Application
AAA SpringBoot Integration
Jetty Server
NETCONF SouthBound



Build & Install

In order to build and install artifacts locally, follow the steps below:

  1. Install JDK - make sure JDK 17 is installed
  2. Install maven - make sure you have maven 3.8.5 or later installed
  3. Setup maven - make sure you have the proper settings.xml in your ~/.m2 directory
  4. Build & Install locally - by running command: mvn clean install -DskipTests

controller startup sequence

Migration from OpenDaylight to

This guide describes the migration procedure from OpenDaylight/Karaf application to It contains a summary of practical experiences, based on real-life OpenDaylight project migrations.

Run JUnit & IT tests project contains JUnit & integration tests. Because a complete OpenDaylight/ controller is often started with south-bound and north-bound plugins, these tests are often required. IT tests are comparable with single-feature tests in ODL/Karaf environment - but much faster.

Before starting IT tests, please make sure that ports 8080, 8888, 8185, 2550 are free on localhost.

To run unit and integration tests, use the command:

mvn clean install

Support & More Information

If you are interested in, require technical support, need blogs, FAQ, technical articles and more examples, visit