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Get Raptor Editor into your Rails apps
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The simplest way to get Raptor Editor onto the asset pipeline in your Rails applications.


Version 0.3.1 contains Raptor Editor 1.2.3.


Using the pre-packaged build

This gem comes with a pre-packaged build Raptor Editor from the options in raptor.yml.

  1. Add raptor-editor-rails to your Gemfile:

    gem "raptor-editor-rails"
  2. Run bundle install. Don't forget to restart your app!

  3. Add Raptor Editor to your app/assets/javascripts/application.js:

    //= require raptor
  4. Make elements of your site editable:


See the Raptor Editor docs for more.

Copying Raptor Editor to your project

If you just want to copy Raptor Editor to your project, simply run rails generate raptor_editor_rails:copy. You'll find the assets in vendor/assets/{javascripts,stylesheets}.

Downloading your own build

If the pre-packaged build of Raptor Editor doesn't suit your requirements then raptor-editor-rails also allows you to create your own configuration and download the latest version.

  1. Run rails generate raptor_editor_rails:install to copy config/raptor.yml to your project.

  2. Modify config/raptor.yml to suit your needs.

  3. Run rake raptor_editor_rails:fetch to download the latest version to your vendor/assets directory.

Bugs, Issues and Feature Requests

For all issues related to raptor-editor-rails, please raise an issue on GitHub. If the issue is related to Raptor Editor, please raise an issue over there.

Better still, fork and contribute!


This gem, jquery-raptor-rails, is distributed under the MIT License.

Raptor Editor is distributed under GPL.


  1. Fork,
  2. Hack,
  3. Create a Pull Request.

Please do not bump the version number. This will be done by the maintainers when a release is ready.

Getting the latest version of Raptor Editor

  1. From the raptor-editor-rails directory, run rake raptor_editor_rails:fetch to download the latest build of Raptor Editor using the options in config/raptor.yml.

  2. Update the Raptor Editor version number in lib/raptor_editor_rails/version.rb and to the value at the top of raptor.js.

Downloading a debug build

Run rake raptor_editor_rails:fetch RAPTOR_CONFIG=debug.

Options for debug (or any other custom) config are in config/raptor.yml.

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