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UIF - Uni International Install File.
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A CCJam Entry

UniOS is a new OS centered CraftOS, but with many GUI features as well. Many other objects are also included in UniOS, such as a unique FS file system, and UIF (Uni Install File) support.

An API which can do many items with the OS itself, Semi-directly is also included.

Right now this isnt much, only really a plan and sketches. Production will begin Friday-Monday, for CCJam.

Made by Patrick Zambonie.

Current Images

Shell with Sketch in the Background.

If you'd like to contact me or watch me code...

Watch me code on Twitch:

Subscribe to me on Youtube:

Send me a E-Mail:

Add me as a friend on CC Forums:

Add me as a friends on Linus Tech Tip's Forum (im on there much more often):

Skype me: Patrick Zambonie (or if it doesnt work type live:patrickzambonie)

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