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PATRIC November 2018 Data and Website Release

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   :date: 2018-12-07

This PATRIC release includes a new Genome Alignment Service; enhancements to the Metagenomic Binning, Tn-Seq, and RNA-Seq Services; 5 new instructional videos; and over 10,000 new microbial genomes.

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Data Updates:

New Genomes

In this release, PATRIC has added over 10,000 new genomes and associated metadata, bringing the total number of genomes and plasmids to over 200,000. The full list of available microbial and host genomes can be accessed here.

New Website Features:

The new Genome Alignment Service (Beta version) utilizes progressiveMauve to produce a whole genome alignment of two or more genomes. The resulting alignment can be visualized within the PATRIC website, providing insight into homologous regions and changes due to DNA recombination. The Genome Alignment Service is available from the Services top menu.

The assembly component of the Metagenomic Binning Service has been migrated to a 1024-node cluster, enabling a 10-fold increase in the throughput of assembly-based binning jobs. The Metagenomic Binning Service is available from the Services top menu.

The RNA-Seq Analysis Service now supports direct import of sequence data from SRA, alleviating the need to first download the data from SRA and then upload into the service. The RNA-Seq Analysis Service is available from the Services top menu.

The Tn-Seq Analysis Service has been updated to use a new version of the TRANSIT software. The Tn-Seq Analysis Service is available from the Services top menu.

PATRIC now has an Instructional Videos page featuring demonstrations onf how to perform some common useful tasks in PATRIC. The Instructional Videos page is available from the top Help menu. All PATRIC videos and recorded webinars are also available from the PATRIC YouTube channel.

  • Creating a Genome Group
  • ID Mapping - finding genes
  • Finding genes in a Genome Group
  • Adding a Track to the Circular Genome Viewer
  • Generating a Multiple Sequence Alignment