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Android BlackJack Game.
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By P.Antoine.


This is a very simple Android application that is being used by me to learn how the write for the Android UI for phones. It is a basic app that works most of the time but is never designed to be released on a phone and is only a learning tool.

The version here is formatted for the ANT builder that turns up with the Android SDK and should fit into to the eclipse build as well. I changed from the eclipse to the ANT version, most of this code v0.1 was written with the help of eclipse Helios, but eclipse is too slow and gets in the way too much. So the ANT build is here.

Building and running

To tell the build where your android sdk dir is, you need to change the file. The sdk_dir variable needs changing.

cd to the Blackjack directory and call: ant debug

This will cause it all to build. To run the app in the emulator do the following:

../android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/adb install -r bin/Blackjack-debug.apk 
../android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/adb logcat

This assumes the Blackjack directory is copied into the Android SDK directory.

Other Things

To get the logging out of the app call the following:

../android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/adb logcat

You can send the debug to a device by calling:

../android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/adb -d install -r bin/Blackjack-debug.apk 

...and that is all.

Know Problems With the Code

The key-handling is wrong. The Manifest/Layout.xml allows for an "android:onClick" field to be set up and this will allow for the keyhandling to call a method directly. This means I can lose some of the sub-classes that make the code unreadabled in places.

Second, the game itself does not handle 5-card tracks and early exit on a unbeatable player score. But, this is just demo learning code and not a real game.

Don't keep the scores, the logic is there now but I don't see the purpose of actually doing it.

Have not played with signed deployments, but that seems simple in the docs.

There is probably more but can't be bothered thinking about them.

Oh, weird things

Added a lump of code that handles JNI. It has nothing to do with Blackjack but was convenient place to put it. So it's here.

Have Fun. Peter.

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