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Getting started

Peerplays-UI depends on Node.js. While it should work using versions as old as 0.12.x, it is recommended to use v5.x.

On Ubuntu and OSX, the easiest way to install Node is to use the Node Version Manager. For Windows users there is NVM-Windows.

To install NVM for Linux/OSX, simply copy paste the following in a terminal:

curl -o- | bash
nvm install v5
nvm use v5

Once you have Node installed, you can clone the repo:

git clone
cd peerplays-core-gui

Running the dev server

Once all the packages have been installed you can start the development server by running the start script.

Before running this script, ensure you have at least one environments settings configured within ./config/enpoints.js. By default, Alice endpoint is configured and the start script will point to it. To point to another endpoint configuration, add it to the endpoints.js file and select it with the start script like so: TARGET=notAlice npm run start

npm start

Once the compilation is done the GUI will be available in your browser at: localhost:8082. Hot Reloading is enabled so the browser will live update as you edit the source files.


If you'd like to host your own wallet somewhere, you should create a production build and host it using NGINX or Apache. In order to create a prod bundle, simply run the following command:

npm run build

This will create a bundle in the /dist folder that can be hosted with the web server of your choice.

How to Build the Executables of the Core GUI Wallet for Linux, MacOS, and Windows


Building the executables for a particular operating system should be performed from that particular operating system (e.g. build the Windows executable on Windows; build the MacOS exectuable on MacOS; build the Linux executable on Linux)

The requirements assume that certain tools are already available on the system. These include Node.js and Node Package Manager (NPM) and certain build tools for your operating system including Python 2.7+.

Build Tools for Linux and MacOS

Node.js, NPM, and python may be obtained from your operating system's typical package manager such as "apt" for Ubuntu.

Build Tools for Windows 10

.NET Framework 4.5.1 is required and is already installed on Windows 10.

Node.js and NPM may be downloaded from You must use Node v.6.7.0 or earlier else errors will occur when downloading the dependencies of the "web" sub-directory.

The remaining build tools for Windows (see may be obtained with the following steps:

Open a new cmd as Administrator (Run as Administrator) and run ...

npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

... and then ...

npm config set msvs_version 2015 --global

Obtain the Source Code of the Core GUI Wallet

git clone
cd peerplays-core-gui

Before building the GUI you will need to install the various dependencies that are unique for each subdirectory "module":

npm install
cd ../electron; npm install
cd build/; npm install

Building the Executable

The exectuable will appear within the "releases" folder within the "electron" folder for windows users. Linux based systems will have the releases in the root of the project after running the below script(s).

Building the executable for Mac, Windows, and Linux

npm run release-mwl

Building the executable for MacOS

npm run release-mac

Building the Executable for Linux

If building on a mac the following command are required in order to produce the linux build

brew install dpkg fakeroot
npm run release-lin

Building the Executable for Windows

npm run release-win
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