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The Spectral Bias of the Deep Image Prior

Code to reproduce results in the paper:


Download images from Table 2 here: Save these images in a folder called data/

Generate noisy images:

python --downsample_factors 1,2,4

This will add different levels of noise to the images downsampled by the specified factors and save them in the data/ folder

Trajectory Experiment

Run the following to reproduce the trajectory experiment (figure 1 in the paper)

# Less high frequency components
python --noisy_img data/triangle/triangle-0.2.png --niter 1000 --traj_iter 10

# More high frequency components
python --noisy_img data/triangle/triangle-0.9.png --niter 1000 --traj_iter 10

Denoising Experiment

Run the following to reproduce the denoising results with different architectures (tables 1 and 2 in the paper):

  1. DIP model (a convolutional encoder-decoder):

     python --noisy_img data/denoise-4/House256/House256_s25.png --clean_img data/denoise-4/House256/House256.png
  2. ReLUNet:

     python --noisy_img data/denoise-4/House256/House256_s25.png --clean_img data/denoise-4/House256/House256.png
  3. DIP Linear-128:

     python --linear --n_ch_up 128 --n_ch_down 128 --noisy_img data/denoise-4/House256/House256_s25.png --clean_img data/denoise-4/House256/House256.png
  4. DIP Linear-2048:

     python --linear --n_ch_up 2048 --n_ch_down 2048 --noisy_img data/denoise-4/House256/House256_s25.png --clean_img data/denoise-4/House256/House256.png

This runs DIP twice to generate 2 trajectories. The denoising results, along with variation of distance between the 2 trajectories will be saved in the outputs/ folder.

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